Is Ireland a Safe Place to Visit?

Plan a Safe Trip to Ireland

Ireland is an island with idyllic landscapes and some of the most endearing cultures you could hope to find. When you�re traveling though, there are always precautions you should take. You should also be aware of areas of greater risk, should you choose to avoid them.

While Ireland is generally a low-risk country to visit, here is some information that will help keep you, and your belongings safe and sound as you travel.

Transportation and Vehicle Offenses

In general, the Irish are courteous drivers without many vehicle offenses. Public transportation is especially reliable if you�re unfamiliar with the areas you�re traveling. However, you should pay attention when visiting rural areas, since road safety is lower in general.
Louth is notable as it has Ireland�s greatest number of driving offenses, although Monaghan and Cavan�s counties also experience higher levels of driving offenses compared to the rest of the country.

Theft and Pickpockets

The most common form of crime in Ireland is pickpocketing, although actual muggings and robberies are far less common. Pickpocketing is more common in Dublin (the suburb outside, Ballyfermot is most common), and other large cities, but there are preventative measures that will help lower your risk.
Keeping expensive looking items (jewelry especially)and large amounts of money out of view drastically reduces the risk.

Violent Crime and Assault

When you visit Ireland, there�s a low risk of being assaulted or otherwise harmed. However, like every other place in the world, this crime does still exist, so be vigilant and don�t take unnecessary risks such as drinking and walking around an unfamiliar area alone at night.
Larger cities are more likely to experience violent crime in general.


Due to a history of political strife and sometimes violent uprisings, there�s a tendency to be concerned about terrorist activity. However, terrorism risk in Ireland has been on a steady decline since the 1990s and isn�t currently considered a substantial travel risk.
Travelers are advised as always, to remain vigilant, avoid abandoned items, and alert the local authorities if there�s an object or individual that seems suspicious.


No matter the destination, every country has crime. Even if the crime rate is very low, as is Ireland�s. As a traveler, maintaining vigilance is one of the best measures of prevention.Many potential safety issues can be avoided by keeping your personal possessions put away, and having a traveling partner to deter would-be criminals.
Overall, Ireland is a safe and welcoming country, but that�s no excuse to ease up on your own safety precautions.