Things to do in Waterford Ireland

Waterford, the oldest city in Ireland, is located along its southern coast on the tip of Waterford Harbor. Approximately 80,000 people call it home. It has a bustling tourist economy and is home to the world-renowned Waterford Crystal.� As a coastal city, it is probably one of our favorite because it seems to have a little of something for everyone.� Whether it is the surroundings along the river Suir emptying into St George’s Channel or visiting the Waterford Crystal factory and showroom, there is something for everyone to do.� Of all the great things to do in Ireland this little coastal city will have something for everyone in the family.� If you are travelling along the south coast, make sure to include the city as a stop-over.

Known for its ancient Georgian architecture, Waterford is the oldest city in Ireland. If you find its name somewhat familiar, you’ve probably heard of Waterford Crystal. The city of Waterford was known for its glass manufacturing for centuries starting from 1783. You can even tour the Waterford Crystal Visitor Centre to see the glass masterpieces being crafted. Here are many more memorable things you should do when you’re visiting Waterford, Ireland:

Enjoy the Carnivals and Festivals

If you make a visit during Christmas Holiday, there are a ton of vendors at the Waterford Christmas Market (Winterval) where you could browse and pick up some exquisite gifts and trinkets to take home. The festival is held in November and lasts 3 weeks.You can also get unique trinkets at carnivals and other events happening during your visit. Play fun games, go on rides, watch firework displays and have a blast dancing and having fun with everyone around you.

One of Summer’s highlights is the Spraoi International Street Arts Festival. Filled with vibrant street performances, entertaining live music and even fireworks, this festival will be one to remember.

Go for Hikes in Scenic Areas

There�s nothing quite like taking a long hike along a forest trail or along rocky cliffs overlooking the landscape. Visit the Comeragh Mountains and it�s beautiful lakes and moors that are hidden gems within its gentle peaks. Enjoy spectacular views of the Coumshingaun, which is the biggest glacier lake in Ireland. The mountains also give you amazing views across the countryside.

Be sure to head up to Ardmore Cliff Walk for some breath-taking views. This is a 4km trail that gives you scenic views of the sea. The best thing? You can complete it in just around an hour. Enjoy running, cycling or taking scenic drives through the countryside that surrounds Waterford.

Savor the Local Cuisines and Music

Getting a taste for the local favorites is a delicious way of getting yourself immersed in the culture. Savor new and exotic foods and beers, while listening to local bands play and discover new foods and music to enjoy. La Boheme is a famous French restaurant that has won many awards. Enjoy a glass of red at their wine bar and be sure to try their specialty – their Irish black angus ribeye steak.

The Olive Tree is a popular tapas restaurant in town where locals love their local and Spanish cuisines. Geoff’s is a welcoming local pub that you shouldn’t miss. Its cosy ambience coupled with a full menu covering a broad range from Asian to Italian cuisines make this a favorite spot for many. One thing is for sure – you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to food at Waterford.

Tour Historical sites

Getting to see history up close is a thrill, and being able to touch it is even better. Head up Ardmore Round Tower and explore the ruins as well as the ancient, preserved tower.. Take time to stroll through the quaint Ardmore village Get a glimpse of how the Vikings lived at Reginald’s Tower.

If you’d like to immerse more in historical sites, Jack Burtchaell hosts the Walking Tour of Waterford City where he takes his guests through a thousand years of history in an impressive span of one hour. Follow along as he takes you to national monuments, cathedrals and more.

Explore Nearby Beaches

You can even visit the beaches and explore the sandy shores, discovering the wildlife that calls the water and sand home. Start a shell collection and add one from Bunmahon Beach, Tramore beach, and Kilmurrin Beach. Or hit the waves with a surfboard, kayak or sailboat some ocean fun.

Enjoy Theatre and Shows

Spend an evening watching some perfectly performed theatre and all kinds of performances and shows at the Theatre Royal. Everything from touring Rock and Jazz bands, to comics and dramatic plays. You can even enjoy some Viking VR adventure with guides in full character and gear with �King of the Vikings�- the first ever Viking VR Experience in existence!

In Summary

With its friendly locals, great food and entertainment, not to mention the astounding views and historical buildings, Waterford will be a memorable trip for anyone. Dive right into Ireland’s culture and history at the historical and interesting city of Waterford. See Things to Do in Ireland for more ideas when you’re planning your visit.

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