Things to do in Killarney Ireland

Killarney is a town in County Kerry in southwestern Ireland. The town is on the northeastern shore of Lough Leane, which is part of Killarney National Park. Its natural heritage, history and location on the Ring of Kerry make Killarney a popular tourist destination. While it doesn’t have a traveler visitor center, we find that talking to the locals often provides for the best travel destinations off the beaten path.� We will make sure to include Killarney in our ongoing travels throughout Ireland.

Below you will find specific posts about Killarney and anything we feel will make your visit to the city more enjoyable.� Happy Travels!

If you find yourself in Dublin but are dreaming of the Irish countryside, pay a visit to the picturesque town of Killiney, just outside of the capital. This suburb of just over 10000 people is often compared to Italy�s Amalfi coast. Located only 25 minutes from Dublin, Killiney is worth the trip for those craving some time away from the bustling city streets.

Things To Do in Killiney, Ireland

Killiney Hill Park

If you were only planning to take one hike in Killiney, you would want to walk through Killarney Hill Park. Killiney Hill Park offers a hike for all, from paved paths and forest trails to rocky climbs and quarry steps, you can enjoy the park no matter your hiking experience.

While Killiney Hill Park offers many beautiful look out spots, the view at the highest peak is truly unmatched. From the top you can see the city of Dublin, the Wicklow Mountains and the Irish Sea, making it the perfect hike to take in some of the beauties Ireland has to offer.

The Obelisk

Crowning the top of Killiney Hill is an obelisk providing a reminder that while Ireland�s history is rich, it is not all pleasant. Standing 170 metres above sea level, the Killiney Obelisk was built in 1742, to provide work to a struggling population still trying to recover from a famine that plagued the country only two years prior. While Killiney is now one of the most affluent towns in Ireland, the Obelisk serves as a reminder of the dark history that transformed the population.

Killiney Beach

Killiney beach is quite a popular spot in the summer amongst locals, and considering the locals in Killiney includes Ireland’s wealthiest you may be able to spot some Irish celebrities amongst those going for a swim. Though seeing celebrities on the beach may sound very Los Angeles, this is far from the typical white sand beaches you may be used to seeing.

Killiney Beach is a stone beach with strong current sea-waters that get deep quite quickly. That being said, if you find yourself in Killiney on a sunny day, this beach offers is perfect for suntanning, swimming or just seeing some gorgeous views of the rocky coastline and nearby towns.

Stroll Through the Streets

Though Killiney is a gorgeous coastal town filled with rich history and beautiful nature, is best known as the home to Ireland�s elite. Singers, authors, race car drivers and other celebrities have been settling in Killiney for years constructing gorgeous feats of architecture ranging from Georgian to Gothic-Revival. Downtown Dublin may feel worlds away from Killiney�s tranquil streets lined with mansions which are worth strolling or driving through even if just to ogle at the beautiful homes.

Coliemore Harbor and Dalkey Island

While Killiney is only half an hour from the busy capital city, Coliemore Harbor and Dalkey Island provide a real taste of the beautiful, yet isolated Irish countryside. Coliemore Harbor is a popular fishing spot that is just a short walk from Killiney�s village. From here you can take a quick ferry to Dalkey Island which is unspoilt by human construction except for an old church, gun area and Martello tower. Though Dalkey Island is uninhabited, it is populated by wild rabbits, goats, birds and seals, making it an ideal destination for those looking to be amongst nature and wildlife.

In Summary

The idyllic town of Killiney offers the many beauties of the Irish countryside, yet is only a 25 minute DART ride or drive away from downtown Dublin. Whether you long to go on a hike, see sweeping views of Dublin, go for a swim, spot goats in nature or stroll streets with mansions owned by Ireland�s wealthiest, Killiney is a must-visit destination.

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A fantastic little sea town, Killiney Ireland is quaint and adorable.

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