Things to do in Limerick Ireland

Limerick, Ireland is home to many historical landmarks, ancient and medieval history, and scenic views that attract tourists from all walks of life. If you want to go on your own tour of Limerick, it is essential to know what all of Limerick has to offer. In this guide, we’ll show you the interesting things to do in Limerick and the places you can’t afford to miss.

Excellent Tourist Locations

King John�s Castle

King John�s Castle is a fortress that was built on the banks of the River Shannon during the 13th century. It was previously renovated with a visitor center, touch screens, CGI displays, and interactive exhibitions in order to explain the history of King John�s Castle. Along with the innovative educational displays, you will also be able to experience the best view of the river, especially from the cafe that looks over the river and courtyard areas.

Hunt Museum

The Hunt Museum holds the largest private collection in Ireland, featuring antiques and art that heavily contributes to early Irish history . The local history, along with a bit of Greece and Italian history, will be an excellent experience for tourists to indulge in. The Antrim Cross is one of the most memorable pieces of history that is displayed in the Hunt Museum.

Frank McCourt Museum

The Frank McCourt Museum is dedicated to the Pulitzer Prize-winning Irish-American author, Frank McCourt. His childhood memoir told the story of how difficult it was to live in Limerick during the 1930s-40s. Some of his ashes, along with photos and other pieces of memorabilia, are on display in the Frank McCourt Museum so tourists can receive education on his life and the history of Limerick.

St Mary�s Cathedral

The St. Mary�s Cathedral was founded in 1168, and is one of the oldest standing monuments in Limerick. It has been the epitome of religious practice and life since the 12th century, and continues to be an important landmark that contributes to everyday life. There are scratch marks embedded into the walls of the cathedral where the city�s defenders sharpened their swords during times of attack.

Thomond Park

Thomond Park is where Munster, a well-renowned rugby team, plays most of its home games. It also hosts storytelling tours during less busy non-event days for eager tourists. The stadium has been developed to be more modern and holds a captivating atmosphere that many tourists can enjoy.

Limerick City Gallery of Art

The Limerick City Gallery of Art is a free-to-enter contemporary gallery that is filled with a revolving series of art exhibits that features art pieces across all mediums. It displays a mix of international and Irish history and talent. The City Gallery is well-known for holding the National Collection of Contemporary Drawing, and different workshops that people can participate in.

Milk Market

The Milk Market is the source of all locally produced food, and is an amazing source for fresh produce that many foodies typically enjoy. It is most energetic during its big market days on Saturday since foodies from all around gather to buy fresh food from the people who grow and make the food. There are over 50 stalls and 21 shops to explore and will be an excellent stop on your tour if you are a food enthusiast.

Lough Gur

The horseshoe lake known as Lough Gur is an amazing spot to take a stroll and learn about the mysterious legends that surround the lake, including the ancient stone circle located on the lakeside. The Grange Stone Circle is also an interesting feature of Lough Gur. An audio guide that explains the history of Lough Gur will be provided to you as you progress through the visitor center�s outdoor trail.

The Treaty Stone

The Treaty Stone signifies the end of the Williamite War where the Treaty of Limerick was signed upon mutual agreement on October 3rd, 1691, which was one of the biggest turning points in Irish history. The treaty did not last long, but the stone still stands as a reminder. There is a plaque on the Treaty Stone that talks about the history of the Williamite War and the events surrounding it.

Terra Nova Fairy Garden

The Terra Nova Fairy Garden is one of the more mythical parts of Irish life and history, and offers a wonderful experience and atmosphere to both tourists and locals alike. Terra Nova is home to an ancient fairy fort that holds thousands of years worth of history. Many tourists tend to become drawn in by the mythical attributes of Terra Nova.

Foynes Flying Boat and Maritime Museum

The full-sized replica of the Foynes Flying Boat is displayed within the Maritime Museum as part of an exhibition on the history of the Shannon River. The Maritime Museum also serves famous and delicious Irish coffee from the area where they were invented. The history of aviation that you will learn about while touring here will be one of the biggest highlights of visiting this attraction.

Fun Activities

Picnic in the Park

Limerick is full of scenic parks where people can stop to relax and enjoy a nice picnic surrounded by a pleasant atmosphere. Some parks have wonderful playgrounds for children and flowers that make your picnic environment that much sweeter. The parks in Limerick can offer a good distraction from the high strung energy of the city life just outside the perimeter of each park.

One good park in Limerick to enjoy a picnic at is the Curraghchase Forest Park. Curraghchase Forest Park is 774-acres long and it is located between Adare and Askeaton, just outside of the city of Limerick. Some other parks also allow you to join in family friendly treasure hunts by downloading an app.

Attend Musical Sessions

A popular music club located in Limerick known as Dolans usually hosts music sessions every night of the week at 9 p.m., allowing their customers to enjoy fun nights of singing and dancing. These music sessions are often referred to as trad sessions.�

As an additional bonus, these sessions are free to attend and participate in. This would be an excellent stop for tourists and travelers who want to gain a good experience of the night life that Limerick has to offer.

Explore Villages

There are many beautiful villages to explore within Limerick, especially if you want to learn a bit about Limerick history and experience scenic views. One of these villages would be Adare, known for its beauty and rich Irish history. The main street of Adare is lined with historical stone buildings, monasteries, and even has a village park.

Another village within Limerick that is worth visiting is Newton Pery, which forms the main city center of Limerick. Newton Pery is popular for its rich architectural appeal and history. If you are interested in history, this village should be a must-visit on your touring agenda.

Enjoy the Scenery

Many places within Limerick have areas where you can just sit down, relax, and enjoy the scenery surrounding you. The view of the lake or the sky during certain times of the day can be calming and beautiful, especially when you are surrounded by the rich Irish atmosphere and history.

If you are someone who enjoys stopping to take in the view every once in a while, you may want to keep a camera on hand so you can capture the beautiful and memorable essence of the scenic view on camera as a keepsake.


The scenery and historical factors of Limerick make the visit worth the time, money, and effort. People who are enthusiastic about history will especially love visiting all of the historical landmarks and museums. Plus learning about the history of Ireland can be fun for the whole family as well. The places of interest combined with the rich scenery located within Limerick will give you the memorable experience you’d expect.

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